Best Potluck Recipes – Cream Cheese Corn with Green Chile

November 22, 2019

Looking for a great potluck recipe? Here it is, New Mexico style.

Yesterday was our annual Gratitude Lunch at Keller Williams Santa Fe, where we all get to show off our best potluck recipes. It’s a day when we take off the morning to get ready to serve around 140 of our colleagues, clients, and vendors as a way to say thank you. Thank you for your trust, your business, and for allowing us to be a part of your life.

It’s the best potluck of the year, where the company provides the turkey and ham and the Realtors bring all the sides. Here’s the recipe for a side I take to EVERY potluck I attend. It’s simple, delicious, and it tastes like New Mexico.

Cream Cheese Corn with Green Chile

2 large bags frozen corn

2 wedges cream cheese

1/2 C milk

4 T. sugar

2 cans white corn, for variety

Chopped green chile. If fresh, I use at least a half cup, depending on the spiciness.

If you don’t have fresh, use three cans chopped green chile or half a container of Bueno green chile. The chile is really dependent on your taste and that of your guests. Play around with the amount to see what suits you best.

Start with a large crock pot, preferably one with a locking lid so that your creamy, spicy corn doesn’t spill on the way to lunch. Dump in two large bags of frozen corn.

Add the milk and sugar. It won’t stir at this point because the corn is frozen. If you’re in a hurry, dump this all into a large pot on the stove and cook on low heat, stirring occasionally.

Add the cream cheese. To speed things up, I soften the cream cheese in the microwave.

To add variety to your corn, consider adding a couple of DRAINED cans of white corn.

Set to cook for at least an hour. At 30 minutes, stir as much as possible. Keep stirring occasionally (every 20 minutes or so), until the ingredients start to mix well and your corn becomes creamy. If you’re heating on the stove, stir more frequently as the milk will scald.

It’s ready when it’s hot and well mixed.

Haul to the church or the office and ENJOY!