Santa Fe’s Sunset Views

February 13, 2017

If I’ve heard it once, I’ve heard it a thousand times, “I love the New Mexico Sky!” Our skies can be breathtaking at all times of the day, but there is something special and magical about our sunsets. Rarely does an evening begin not full of color and awe.

Here are my 4 picks for the best places to view the sunset in Santa Fe.

  1. The Santa Fe Plaza

I know, your wondering why I would choose a place without expansive views. I have chosen the Santa Fe Plaza because when the sun begins to set there is something special about the orange and pink glow of the sun drenching the historic buildings that are hundreds of years old. It fills you with wonder at all those who have walked the same paths and enjoyed the same sense of awe for these many centuries. It enhances the beauty of The City Different and is purely romantic.

2. Cross of the Martyrs

Sitting on top of Paseo de la Loma Hill in Fort Marcy Park is the Cross of the Martyrs, a 25ft cross commemorating 21 Franciscan priests and many more Spanish colonists who died during the Pueblo revolt of 1680.

As easy walk up a gently sloping staircase the park sits on the eastern corner of Paseo de Peralta and provides breathtaking views of Santa Fe and the Jemez Mountains off in the distance. It’s a great spot to take in Santa Fe’s sunsets then take a leisurely walk to dinner downtown.

3. Atalaya Peak

For the slightly more adventurous and those who love the outdoors, Atalaya Peak is a majestic place to view Santa Fe’s sunsets. The trail to Atalaya Peak starts behind St. John’s College and is a straight 3.0-mile hike up to an 8,800-foot summit. The hike is steep, but well worth the effort. When you get to the top there are some perfect spots to relax and take in the expansive views. Take a sweetie, some cheese and wine, and take it all in.

4. La Fonda’s Bell Tower Bar

Nestled at the top of the La Fonda (A former Harvey House Hotel) the Bell Tower Bar overlooks Santa Fe as well its surrounding mountains. Find a table high on the 5th floor and you’ll have the perfect spot for viewing the watercolor sky. The Bell Tower offers a delicious menu of light bites as well as a premium list of top shelf cocktails. It is only open seasonally so you will have to be patient for the weather to warm a bit before venturing to the tower, but the wait will be worth it. In fact, you might find yourself there every weekend to take in the sunset views.