20 Tips for Preparing Your Santa Fe Home for Sale

March 23, 2018

Even when inventory is tight, as it is in the Santa Fe real estate market, competition among sellers is stiff. You want your home to present in it’s absolute best light. We all live so well in our homes – sometimes it’s difficult to see past items that have become part of our personal landscape. That pile of papers on your desk, the shoes stacked on the shelf in the closet, the overstuffed pantry, that mess of garden tools in the back corner of the garage – all of these might look normal to you because you see them every day.

To a buyer they look like chaos and neglect. There’s no other way to say it.

So here’s a great checklist to get you started preparing your Santa Fe home for sale this spring. Give me a call for other tips. I’m happy to come out for a no obligation look to advise you further.

And then let’s get your home sold!